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"My hope is that students will move away from the failure and shame often associated with ADHD and weak executive functioning skills, and toward independence, academic success, and better overall self-worth.”

— Cindy Palmer

Owner of STEM Tutoring

Executive Function Support

Are you noticing the following:

  • Increased anxiety about school
  • Weak study skills
  • Academic overwhelm and disengagement
  • Procrastination/poor time management
  • Doesn’t know who or how to ask for help
  • ADHD has made all of the above impossible!

Our approach:

  • We believe that EF skills need a relevant "right now" context to function within. Our EF support wraps directly around the STEM class that your child is struggling with.
  • Knowing that most students have never been taught how to study, we provide research based study strategies that not only work within the STEM class we are tutoring them in, but across all curriculum areas. And... we practice these skills to prep for their tests and quizzes.
  • Breaking down large tasks into manageable chunks is one of the most important skills to minimize anxiety and overwhelm. We help students schedule these chunks so that the big lab report- the AP exam- the cumulative final- will not overwhelm them.
  • Upon request, we can check grades/assignment status with your student in each session and help them learn the skills needed to prioritize "what's next?"

At this time, STEM Tutoring does not provide stand alone Executive Function Coaching support.

If your child is a senior or in the college setting, please check out what we are doing at Threshold Coaches where we are providing individual and group support for college students.

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