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We focus on the individual needs of each student.

"After witnessing Cindy’s work firsthand (many of my students have been tutored by her) for many years, I can honestly say she is worth every penny invested in her services. She’s great at working with students who have large gaps in their understanding because she gets them back on track and up to speed. She communicates well with the teacher and tries to get to the bottom of why her students haven’t been successful without extra assistance so they won’t need to rely on a tutor forever. She helps with test-taking strategies, confidence building and has helped improve every student she’s ever worked with. Cindy is truly a life-saver for students, parents and teachers!”

— Chemistry Teacher

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FAQs - Working Together

How do we get started? We begin with a 15-20 minute intake session with STEM's Director, the tutor, the student and a parent. During this intake, we assess the student’s strengths and challenges and formulate a plan together.

Where do the sessions take place? We meet in local, public areas. Bellevue and surrounding Eastside tutoring takes place at the Bellevue Public Library. In Bellingham, we may meet in a coffee shop, co-op or library. You and your tutor will decide on the most convenient location.

Please note: we do not meet in student’s homes.

Do you work online? Yes! All of our tutors have the ability to meet with students online. The founder/owner of STEM Tutoring is closely connected with the developers of online learning in both the Bellevue and Bellingham school districts. With guidance and training from those mentors, we are constantly refining effective strategies to guide students using online platforms.

How long is each session? Sessions range from 60-90 minutes, depending on help needed.

How often do we meet? The tutor and student meet 1-2 sessions per week, once again, depending on the level of help needed.

How many students are in a session? We typically work one-on-one with students but occasionally group sessions are possible.

What is the fee? Fees will vary based on the experience level of the tutor and whether you choose to do an individual or group session. Contact us today for a quote based on your personal needs.

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