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Math is often the subject that causes the greatest degree of frustration in school. Here at STEM Tutoring in Bellingham, WA, our math tutors are passionate about easing that frustration. We have a proven track record of students moving from confusion and failure to confidence and a sense of achievement.

Sound like an impossible task? Read what one of our parents has to say:

“It was extremely rewarding to see our son go from completely defeated, failing, not even trying to turn the work in, to doing A level work in the fourth quarter. Really fantastic results. Our tutor connected with our son on a personal level as well as with the math. Without our tutor's personal engagement, all the math teaching skills in the world wouldn't have helped our son out of the hole.”

— STEM parent

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Supported Math Subjects

Elementary Math: Grades 3rd - 8th

Our tutors love helping students master the foundations of math that they gather in their younger years, knowing that these skills are crucial in the years that follow.

Algebra 1 & 2

Algebra is one of the most important math classes, the foundational layer for all math classes to come in high school. Our math tutors are here to make sure that students have no gaps in their Algebra knowledge as they move forward in math.


Many students struggle with this particular math class. Here at STEM, our math tutors love stepping into all things Geometry!


This is often the first “math wall” for students who have previously succeeded in math classes. We can help guide students through this challenging course and build confidence for calculus and beyond.

AP Calculus (AB and BC)

This is a fast-paced, vigorous math class and is often viewed as a “gatekeeper” into all STEM fields. Our math tutors are prepared to help AP Calculus students feel confident in this challenging class.

AP Statistics

This is a rigorous math class, unique in its applicability to all STEM fields. Our math tutors love helping AP Statistics students master these concepts and prepare them for the college years and beyond.

Need something not listed? We can probably do it… just ask.

Math Tutors in Bellingham

We have math tutors in Bellingham ready to meet with your student. We serve students from all schools in the Bellingham School District and various school districts across Whatcom County. We also support students from Whatcom Community College and Western Washington University as they pursue their undergraduate degrees.

Math tutors are available to meet in-person or online to accommodate your schedule. Common meeting places for math tutoring in Bellingham are the Bellingham Public Library, Fairhaven Park, Village Books, and our favorite local coffee shops. Please note that we do not meet in students’ homes.

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Reach out and connect with a STEM Math Tutor in Bellingham. We are here to help your child develop and implement a plan for success. We offer tutoring throughout Bellingham including these zip codes: 98225, 98226, 98227, 98228, 98229.

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Cordata, Marietta-Alderwood, Cornwall Park, Sunnyland, Puget, Sehome, Happy Valley, Fairhaven, Edgemoor, South Bellingham, Dewey, Barkley, Eureka, Silver Beach, Alabama Hill, Geneva, and Sudden Valley.