Stem Tutoring value of stem learning

"It is impossible to make wise

personal decisions or to exercise good citizenship or compete in an increasingly global economy or to begin to address the enormous challenges we face in exercising our stewardship of our environment without knowledge of STEM and the ability to apply that knowledge thoughtfully and appropriately."

— Judith Ramaley

The Value of STEM Learning

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM education tends to merge them into a connected model of learning based on real-world applications. The focus on STEM has become paramount in recent times, due to declining numbers of students in the U.S. that are pursuing these fields of expertise. At STEM Tutoring, we hope to inspire a few more students to head in that direction.

STEM Tutoring specializes in the Math and Science components of the STEM curriculum, knowing that these areas are often the most challenging ones that students encounter. We are passionate about helping students gain confidence in these aspects of STEM, believing that a STEM background is pivotal both in the job market and in making intelligent decisions about the future of our world.


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