Stem Tutoring framework for success

“Every child deserves a

champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.”

— Rita Pierson, Educator


At STEM Tutoring, connecting well with students, parents, and teachers is our primary concern and the foundation for success.

Students: Our first priority is making meaningful connections with students. We view this as pivotal to success, and it is what makes us different from other tutoring agencies. If a student enjoys their time with the tutor, the content becomes something they are much more willing to tackle. We only hire tutors who have shown the ability to successfully work in a one-on-one relationship with students, and we provide monthly training for our tutors to further enhance this aspect of what they do. While other tutoring companies focus 100% on content, we focus on both content and the connection to our students.

Parents: From the very first meeting, we are including parents in the tutoring process. We find a parent’s perspective invaluable to the direction we pursue. Our tutors provide clear, consistent communication with parents, informing them of the student’s progress and what areas need further attention.

Teachers: STEM Tutoring works very closely with the student’s teacher.  This team of teacher/tutor ensures that the specific content covered in class is the focus of our tutoring sessions. Teachers offer unique insight into the daily functioning of our students, helping our tutors focus on what is relevant to each individual student.



At STEM Tutoring, we focus on two aspects of learning: mastery of specific math/science content and refinement of generalized study skills. The balance between these two aspects of learning results in skills that can be applied to the specific subject at hand and to the broader educational experience as well.

Our tutors are experts not only in their specific content areas but also in generalized strategies to solidify comprehension in all content areas. Each month, we have trainings focused on the most up-to-date research in learning strategies and how to incorporate these into what we do at STEM Tutoring.

Often tutoring agencies teach a general Math or Science curriculum. At STEM Tutoring, we focus on the exact curriculum that your student engages with daily in class. We do this either by direct communication with the teacher or by accessing class textbooks, syllabi, or postings on the teacher’s website.



Our favorite part of what we do is to see our students grow in confidence.  Mastery of one subject area seems to be very “contagious.” Because Math and Science are some of the most difficult subject areas, mastery here tends to lead to a broader sense of competence that will serve them well into their future.