Stem Tutoring Cindy Palmer director

“With my training focused on both

the educational and emotional well-being of adolescents, I offer a unique balance of both personal interaction and instructional assistance for students.”

Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“I strive to help students discover

and nurture their ability to critically think about content in their courses. In doing so, I hope to empower and equip them with the skills and attitude that are applicable in overcoming challenges in high school, college and beyond.


Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“My goal is to equip students with

skills that will carry them beyond high school and to help them unlock the power of independent learning.


Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“I want to help students gain

confidence, independence, and an understanding of how they learn best. My goal for students is that they will ultimately no longer need me. :)


Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“I strive to be a role model for my

students not only in academics,
but in all aspects of life. I hope to encourage curiosity, understanding, confidence, and excellence.


Melvin Soetrisno math and science tutor

“My hope for my students is to

motivate learning by relating subject material to the real world. By showing that math and science topics can actually be exciting, engaging, and fun to learn, I hope to nurture a new perspective upon what is learned about in school.”

Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“My goal is to mentor students

through the difficulties of Mathematics. I want to teach them not only the skills they need to understand complex mathematical concepts, but the skills they need to succeed in life after high school.”


Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“My grandpa always told me that the

only thing someone can’t take away from you is your education. I’ve kept that idea close to heart throughout my life, and enjoy sharing the joy and importance of learning with others.”



Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“My goal is to help students

understand that any subject in STEM should be approached with curiosity and an understanding that it will be challenging.  I hope to help my students learn that having persistence and not being afraid to ask questions will provide the best results.



Rickie Terry math and science tutor

“My intention as a tutor is to provide

tools for my students so that they can persevere through challenging courses, ideally sparking self confidence and resilience that they can carry with them into future coursework.



Cindy Palmer

Director  |  email:


Cindy Palmer, M.A. established STEM Tutoring, LLC in 2014 after 20 years of personal experience working with high school and college age students in both educational and therapeutic settings. Cindy’s undergraduate education focused on the sciences (B.S. Microbiology, B.A. Biology, and a Chemistry minor). After obtaining her undergraduate training from the University of Miami, she began her career as the Freshmen Transition Coordinator in a highly at-risk school setting, a position that sparked her passion for helping students succeed both academically and emotionally.


Cindy acquired her teaching certificate, qualifying her to teach both Chemistry and Biology. After teaching for 5 years (2 years in Littleton, Colorado and 3 years in the Bellevue School District), Cindy obtained her Masters in Counseling from Seattle School of Psychology and Theology in 2004. She had a private practice as a Mental Health Counselor for adults and adolescents and began meeting with students for academic tutoring as well.


Cindy has now shifted her focus entirely to training and mentoring the tutors at STEM Tutoring. Her experience and expertise lie in the integration of teaching content and successfully navigating 1-on-1 relational settings, both essential to successful tutoring. Cindy works in developing strong tutors who are not only competent in their field of expertise, but also highly trained in how to effectively engage with students.


In 2017, Cindy moved from Bellevue to Bellingham with her husband and two daughters and now works with families in both locations. When she’s not training tutors or meeting with students, she enjoys any excuse to be outside, whether it’s to run a trail, play tennis, camp, or hike.






Chris Yang

Math & Science Tutor, Bellevue


Chris graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a B.S. in Biochemistry in June 2018. His passion for education, health, and medical sciences have guided him to pursue a career as a physician.  Next year he will attend University of Washington Medical School to pursue that goal.


Throughout his time at Seattle Pacific, Chris was immersed in chemistry, biology and applied mathematics classes. When Chris was chosen to be a mentor for students in an introductory immunology class, he discovered that he not only enjoyed helping students navigating complex scientific topics, but also aiding them in study strategies that could be applied in any area of study. Chris carried these passions into his community service as a mentor and tutor for Neighborhood House, where he works with youth from early elementary through high school in STEM based interactive learning projects.


Chris believes strongly in learning through active participation. Having been both a student and teacher, he has seen that people learn most effectively when they are engaged with problem solving and not just given the right answer. Chris strives to challenge his students and encourages them to see the practical applications of school work.


Aside from being a STEM tutor, Chris is already getting involved with health care as a medical scribe, being the hands of physicians in documenting patient visits. He is also a husband, professional photographer, amateur cook, and occasional cellist.



Valerie Chieng

Math & Science Tutor, Bellevue


Valerie graduated from Seattle Pacific University in March of 2018 with a B.S. in Physiology and a minor in Chemistry. She currently works as a medical scribe and hopes to become an OB-GYN in the field of reproductive health.


At SPU, Valerie was employed by the Center for Learning as a Biology and Chemistry tutor, helping students with subjects like General Biology, General Chemistry, and Biochemistry.  She was also a Learning Assistant for SPU’s BioCORE Scholars Program, which supports first generation and traditionally underrepresented students in biological and biomedical sciences. She is also proficient in math up to Calculus, with Geometry being her favorite math subject.


Outside of classes and tutoring, she also volunteered at Swedish Medical Center and Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA), which aligns with her interests in medicine, education, and supporting refugees. Through these experiences, Valerie discovered a passion for teaching and helping students find their “aha” moments. She believes that with some cultivation and intentional effort, students can become effective learners and master difficult concepts.


In her free time, Valerie enjoys going to the local farmer’s market, exploring different coffee shops, trying out new hiking trails, and learning how to cook various Asian recipes.



Aisling O’Connor

Math & Science Tutor, Bellevue


Aisling graduated from UW with a B.S. in biochemistry in June 2018. She is currently working as a medical scribe during her gap years while preparing for and applying to medical school. While she maintains an open mind regarding specialty, she knows that she wants to interact directly with patients. Connecting with people is one of her top priorities, which is one reason why she wants to become a physician.


Prior to her time at UW, she worked as a mathematics tutor at Olympic College primarily assisting with algebra and pre-calculus. Because of this, she was able to interact with a diverse range of students and found it extremely rewarding to help guide students to their “Ah-ha!” moments. She has enjoyed continuing this with her students at STEM tutoring.


In her free time, Aisling enjoys playing video games, playing piano, and cooking. She played lacrosse for 8 years, including a year on the UW women’s club team when they made it to the national championship.



Brooke Byun

Math and Science Tutor, Bellevue


Brooke is an accepted medical school applicant and recent graduate from the University of Washington Honors Program. She majored in Biochemistry as well as Communication, and minored in English. She aspires to serve local underprivileged communities as a Family Physician upon completing her medical education.


Brooke has been tutoring her peers and younger students for several years, and finds it rewarding to help others master concepts they previously found difficult or overwhelming. She has always been passionate about service, mentorship, and challenging herself to continually learn new information.


When she is not tutoring, Brooke is either volunteering at Swedish Medical Center, devouring the latest bestseller (her favorite book of all time is ‘Just Mercy’, her current favorite is ‘The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down’), or walking with her dog, Pluto. She also enjoys cooking and playing video games.



Melvin Soetrisno

Math & Science Tutor, Bellevue


Melvin graduated from the University of Washington in June of 2016 with a B.S. in Chemistry. He was accepted into the UW Academy which allowed his matriculation into UW at the age of 16. Melvin is currently pursuing a Master's in Education to further his career into teaching.


During his years at the UW, he was employed by the Center of Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (or CLUE), the largest tutoring center on the UW campus, as a chemistry tutor. Even as a chemistry tutor, Melvin could oftentimes be found aiding the math tutors who were overrun with students. During his summers, he was a TA for the Robinson Center’s Summer Stretch Chemistry program, an accelerated chemistry program for high schoolers.


Melvin’s experiences as a TA and a tutor have ignited his passion for teaching and mentoring. He most enjoys inspiring his students to find fascination in the relationship between the topics taught in the classroom and the phenomena of the real world.


In his free time, Melvin enjoys swimming, playing the piano, and playing video games. He is an avid player of the game, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and plays it at a semi-competitive level.



Miranda Duim

Math Tutor, Bellingham


Miranda will graduate from Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University in March of 2019. When she graduates she will be certified to teach middle school and high school level mathematics.


Miranda was born and raised in Bellingham. After taking a few years off to travel, she decided to move back to her hometown to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. As a future educator, she is passionate about instilling a love of mathematics to all youth as well as building strong relationships with her students. She has interned at Whatcom Middle School and student taught at both Kulshan Middle School and Mt. Vernon High School. Being a Bellingham native, she is determined to make a difference in the lives of youth in the community, just as her teachers made an impact on her academic career.


When Miranda is not in school, she enjoys reading, baking and being crafty. In the summertime she enjoys being outside, hiking, camping and swimming.



Shawn Luke

Math and Science Tutor, Bellingham


Shawn will graduate from Western Washington University in June 2019 with a degree in Biology and Anthropology, as well as a minor in Psychology. He is planning on furthering his education by attending graduate school for Occupational Therapy.


Shawn was a full time volunteer teacher at St. John’s College located on the island of Ovalau, in Fiji. He taught biology and chemistry at the secondary school level, as well as courses in office technology. Working in a full classroom setting gave him the skills to work with students at every level of learning. Living on the campus at the boarding school also gave him a passion for mentoring and coaching.


When away from his studies Shawn enjoys hiking, gardening, golfing and playing basketball. Shawn uses his biology knowledge when gardening to keep his plants thriving.




Corey Teply

Math and Science Tutor, Bellingham


Corey will graduate from Western Washington University in March of 2019 with a B.A. in Mathematics and minors in Computer Science and Chemistry. After graduating, he is planning to pursue a Master’s in Education to become a high school math teacher.


While living in Bellingham, Corey has fostered a passion for teaching and being a positive role model for others. He has been volunteering at Sehome High School Tutoring Center for the past five years and has learned a lot of strategies for helping students become independent, confident learners. Seeing students succeed and being proud of their own accomplishments is what has motivated Corey to become a teacher...especially when it comes to helping students struggling in math. To see them finally understand a concept is a rewarding feeling for everyone. From someone who has gone from being intimidated in math classes to now majoring in Mathematics, he is very understanding in students’ struggles.


In addition to tutoring, Corey has coached youth hockey teams in the area. For Corey, it’s been fun to use the concepts he’s learned from being a tutor in a much more fast paced environment to teach kids how to play hockey. “No math here on the ice,” he says, “just trying to channel my inner Herb Brooks.”


While Corey isn’t tutoring, he enjoys playing music, hiking, and listening to NPR. Is he actually 25 years old or is he 75? Who knows.



Kristina Tribley

Math and Science Tutor, Bellingham


Kristina graduated from WWU in June of 2018, majoring in Biology.  She played collegiate volleyball for Western University all four years, being nominated for the All GNAC academic team all four years. She has coached volleyball for all ages and has led many summer camps for WWU. Additionally Kristina was selected by her coaching staff to develop and lead academic tutorials for her younger teammates, helping them learn to balance academics with a rigorous athletic schedule.


Kristina has faced many academic challenges herself and has a thorough understanding of what it means to use all the resources one has available to learn. She loves implementing plans to help move students out of academic difficulty and into a sense knowing and understanding- especially in Math and Science.


In her spare time, she enjoys running- especially on a good beach. She also enjoys just about any activity in the beautiful outdoors here in Bellingham.